BauBax: Travel Jacket Extraordinaire

December 20, 2015, 07:42 PM

With the holidays here and everyone travelling to see friends and family, it’s hard to pick just one jacket that will keep you warm and keep everything organized. Forget trying to remember everything you need to make your trip comfortable and easy; you’ll always forget something! Enter BauBax, a new travel jacket with an outrageously successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo that comes in four styles—sweatshirt, windbreaker, bomber and blazer—and that incorporates anything a traveller needs. Actually, about 15 things a traveller needs:

  • Built-in inflatable neck pillow
  • Travel eye mask in hood
  • Insulated drink pocket to keep drinks cold or warm
  • Built-in microfiber cloth to clean sunglasses
  • Convenient and safe sunglass pocket
  • iPad pocket to carry an iPad or tablet
  • Hand warming pockets for extra warmth
  • Built-in earphone holders
  • Easily accessible phone pocket
  • Zipper that’s both a telescoping pen and a Stylus
  • Passport size chest pocket for quick access to boarding pass and passport
  • Blanket pocket to carry the BauBax proprietary blanket
  • Gloves that slide in and out of sleeves
  • Portable charger pocket
  • Detachable pillow

Two of the styles (bomber and blazer) also come with detachable hoods. With four styles and multiple colors from which to choose, this travel jacket greatly reduces the need for rummaging through your purse or carryon to find items you need the most while travelling.  And with its goal of being fully funded on Indiegogo achieved months ago, it looks like BauBax is really going somewhere. 

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