How Does Utomic Work?

December 28, 2015, 05:02 PM

Utomic is a unique cell phone case that protects an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy by guarding the four corners of a phone with sturdy corner protectors. These protectors are engineered to provide everyday drop protection on flat surfaces without the bulkiness of a traditional cell phone case. In addition to shielding the corners of a phone, Utomic protect all four sides, all edges, the face and screen from making any contact with flat surfaces like parking lots, floors, and countertops. Plus, Utomic has gone through rigorous drop tests: A Utomic-protected phone has been dropped onto concrete from every angle, and at heights of five feet. There’s a reason why Utomic is so protective: It uses a patent pending damage protection system called ProDyn Protection, which is the combination of probabilistic design and dynamic protection. Probabilistic design guards against the highest possibility of damage from dropping your phone on a flat surface (such as parking lots, floors, and countertops) and hitting the corners of your device. Dynamic protection allows the hard outer shell to shift and absorb the energy during impacts because of its softer inner layer. The protectors’ shell is made of extremely durable FlexCore, an advanced resin matrix infusion that won’t fade, chip or damage your phone.

Custom-fitted for iPhone 6/6S and 6 Plus/6S Plus and Samsung Galaxy 5S and 6S, the Utomic phone case provides the ultimate in phone protection with discreet, minimalist styling that complements the beauty of your phone. Utomic also offers a glass screen protector made from high quality tempered Japanese glass for added security and protection from drops and shatters. And Utomic installation is easy. It come with a proprietary, semi-permanent peel-and-stick adhesive that forms a strong bond to your mobile device with firm pressure. It takes 24 hours to set and form a reliable bond, but Utomic can be taken off without damage to your phone. Just remove by pushing the protector away from the phone with constant and firm pressure. With their proprietary 3M adhesive, no residue is left behind if you need to remove the protectors.
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