Utomic Drop Test

December 18, 2015, 10:30 AM

Another day, another cell phone drops onto the floor or onto the hard concrete, resulting in shattering or cracks across the screen, or even breaking your phone completely. And who wants to keep replacing perfectly good iPhones or Samsung Galaxies to the tune of hundreds of dollars, just because they’ve been dropped?

Now there’s the ultimate solution, Before, your options were to leave your phone vulnerable to cracks and shatters OR to get a bulky phone case that made your phone difficult to carry or even use -- a little known fact: bulky phone cases can interfere with cellular connections -- but now, there’s an advanced method of mobile device protection that protects without covering up a phone’s beauty or obscuring wireless signals: Utomic Edge. This cell phone protection system consists of four-corner protection. Small and discreet, these custom contoured protectors guard all four corners of your cell phone (iPhone or Samsung Galaxy) with discreet, yet sturdy corner protectors that extend past the corners of the phone, so no part of the phone ever touches any flat surfaces like parking lots, floors, and countertops.

They’ve been tested using the rigorous Utomic Drop Test, meaning they’ve been dropped from every angle onto concrete up to five feet. When you drop your phone accidentally, you usually drop it at heights under five feet. Watch the Utomic Drop Test to see for yourself. Utomic utilizes patented FlexCore impact-dissipating technology, which means each protector redirects impacts and allows motion of the durable outer layer to dynamically absorb forces from a drop. They also act as an extension of the corners of your phone, guarding the face, edges, back and sides without being bulky or overbearing. To take mobile device protection to the next level, snag  the Utomic Screen Protector, which is a 0.33mm thin tempered Japanese glass that protects your screen from damage, while still giving you HD clarity and touchscreen sensitivity with no smudges or scuffs!
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