Utomic Edge Phone Case

January 25, 2016, 07:30 PM

Utomic Edge Phone Case

The Utomic Edge phone case represents the latest in phone case design. This advanced cell phone protection system is made up of four specially-designed corner protectors for the iPhone 6/6S and Samsung Galaxy 5S/6S. Utomic Edge is designed to guard against damage like cracks and shatters by providing drop protection on flat surfaces. And this is without the annoying bulkiness of traditional cell phone cases. Utomic Edge protects every part of your phone -- all four sides, all edges, the face and screen -- from touching flat surfaces like parking lots, floors, and countertops. And Utomic Edge phone case has gone through the tough Utomic Drop Test: It’s been dropped onto concrete from every angle (and you can watch the drop test here). Utomic Edge is so reliably protective because corner shells are made of extremely durable, advanced resin matrix infusion that won’t damage your phone when applied or removed.

Custom-fitted for the most popular iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy models, the Utomic Edge phone case not only provides the ultimate in phone protection with discreet, minimalist styling that complements your phone’s beauty, but it’s patented design also maintains cell phone signal quality. Many bulky phone cases can interfere with wireless signals, causing calls to drop. Not with Utomic.

And Utomic Edge installation is easy. Each corner protector come with a proprietary, semi-permanent adhesive that you peel and stick. With firm pressure, this forms a strong bond to your mobile device. Within 24 hours it sets and forms a reliable bond. And if you need to take it off, you can without damaging your phone. Remove by pushing the protector away from the phone with constant and firm pressure. No residue will be left behind.

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