Utomic iPhone 6 Plus Case Review

January 21, 2016, 07:41 PM

Utomic iPhone 6 Plus Case Review

Utomic Edge “edges” out the competition when it comes to cell phone protection. And if you have the new supersized iPhone 6 Plus, you need extra protection: It’s the heaviest and most delicate of any iPhone. Utomic Edge’s advanced design protects it without additional cost or bulk. Meet Utomic, an advanced cell phone protection system consisting of four specially-designed corner protectors for your iPhone 6 Plus, engineered to provide everyday drop protection on flat surfaces without the bulkiness of a traditional cell phone case. Utomic phone case provides the ultimate in iPhone protection with discreet, minimalist styling that complements its beauty.

In addition to the corners, Utomic protects all four sides, all edges, the face and screen of your iPhone from contacting flat surfaces like parking lots, floors and countertops—the most common places they’re dropped. Plus, it’s been rigorously tested from every angle by being dropped onto concrete. The protective corner shell is made of extremely durable, advanced resin matrix infusion that won’t fade, chip or damage your phone.

Utomic also offers a glass screen protector made from high quality tempered Japanese glass for added security and protection from drops and shatters. And since the iPhone 6 Plus has an extra large screen, it needs extra protection. With the Utomic Edge corner protectors and screen protector, your iPhone 6 Plus is covered, literally.

Here’s what some of the first iPhone 6 Plus users who utilized the Utomic Edge phone protection system have had to say:

“I was a bit wary of getting a standard bulky cell phone case for my iPhone 6 Plus. It would make it way too huge! So glad I got Utomic! It’s so minimal, I barely notice that it’s there, yet it protects my phone completely!” – Sheila F.

“Utomic Edge and the screen protector are amazing – they guarded my iPhone from any damage after a couple of careless drops.” –Gary P.

“I love my iPhone 6 Plus, but sometimes its size makes it seem like a mini computer. Thankfully, Utomic doesn’t obscure wireless signals like some other phone cases I’ve had in the past. No more dropped calls.” – Ryan B.

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