Utomic Reviews

February 10, 2016, 04:34 PM

Utomic Case Reviews

Utomic, creators of the world’s most advanced cell phone protection system, continue to fulfill the worldwide demand for their highly-rated Utomic Edge phone case and screen protector.

Utomic Edge is unlike any cell phone case. Rather than being bulky and covering most of your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy’s beauty (and possibly interfering with wireless signals), Utomic Edge is a sleek four-corner system that also guards all four sides, all edges, the face and screen from hitting flat surfaces like parking lots, floors and countertops. The protective corner shell is made of extremely durable, advanced resin matrix infusion that won’t fade, chip or damage your phone, just protect it!

Utomic also offers a glass screen protector made from high quality, tempered Japanese glass for added security and protection from drops and shatters. With the Utomic Edge corner protectors and screen protector, your phone is covered, literally.

People love Utomic! Here are what some Utomic users have had to say in reviews of Utomic Edge and Utomic screen protector:

“I’ve never seen a phone case like Utomic before. I thought there was no way those curved little corner protectors could protect my phone from dropping damage, but they did! Utomic Edge kept the front of my Samsung Galaxy from getting shattered and having to replace it. So awesome!” - Grayson F.

“I’m one of those typical girls who’s on her phone all the time: texting, Facebook, Instagram, you name it, I’m on it. But this means my phone is always out and unprotected. One of my friends showed me Utomic Edge and the screen protector and now I have no fear that my brand new iPhone 6 Plus will stay gorgeous and guarded.” - Becca B.

“I’ve had probably five iPhones now because I have had to keep replacing them because of dumb accidents like knocking them off tables or dropping them onto the sidewalk while texting clumsily. I just discovered Utomic Edge on Facebook and decided to try it. When it came, I was surprised at how small the corner protectors were. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical they would work, so I tried my own “drop test” by dropping my phone onto the floor, and lo and behold: no shattering, no cracks, nothing! Utomic is the best!” - Kendall P.

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