Utomic Edge Corner Case

February 12, 2016, 09:40 AM

You want to protect your expensive cell phone. But you hate to cover up its slim, sleek design. Introducing Utomic Edge, one of the world’s most advanced cell phone protection systems.

Unlike a bulky cell phone case, Utomic Edge attaches to just the four corners of your cell phone to protect your phone discreetly. The innovative design not only protects the corners, but because the corners are custom-fitted to your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, they also protect the screen, front, back and sides of your phone from damage due to drops on flat surfaces. Also, bulky cases can interfere with cell phone signal and lead to dropped and missed calls, which is never a problem with Utomic Edge.

You may be wondering how Utomic Edge works. Utomic Edge is made of extremely durable, patent pending, advanced resin matrix infusion that absorbs the impact of a fall. Utomic Edge is drop-test approved on a variety of hard surfaces from several feet in the air. Utomic Edge is as effective as it is smart.

Installation is easy. Each corner case protector comes with a proprietary, semi-permanent adhesive that you peel and stick. With firm pressure, this forms a strong, reliable bond to your phone within 24 hours. Remove by pushing the protector away from the phone with constant and firm pressure. No residue will be left behind. Utomic Edge won’t damage your phone when applied or removed.

Custom-fitted for the most popular iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy models, Utomic Edge provides the ultimate in phone protection with minimalist styling that complements your phone’s beauty. And for additional added protection, check out Utomic’s glass screen protector, made of tempered glass that won’t smudge or interfere with touch sensitivity. Utomic truly has you (and your phone) covered.

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