Utomic Edge iPhone Case Review

March 16, 2016, 10:01 AM


Utomic Edge iPhone Case Review

Utomic Edge is the latest and greatest in iPhone protection. With four corner protectors customized to each particular iPhone model, this advanced system of mobile device protection leaves other cell phone cases in the dust. With a regular cell phone case, calls can drop and wireless signals can be obscured (a little known fact). Plus, they cover up your phone and look bulky! Not with Utomic Edge. The sleek, minimalist design allows your phone to be seen in all its glory, while still protecting it the way you want. Need proof? Check out the Utomic Edge Drop Test. Time after time, an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy with the Utomic Edge corner protectors gets dropped, and with no damage like shattering or cracking!

We’ve reviewed Utomic Edge and compared it to standard cell phones cases like hard cases, soft, rubbery cases and magnetic flap cases that open and close like books. Hard cases only protect the back and sides of case, and don’t last long. They often crack from regular use. Soft, rubbery cases do a better job of protecting the sides and back of cell phones, but are super bulky, and tend to interfere with wireless signals. Who wants a big phone and dropped calls? Nobody. You might think that magnetic flap cases that cover the entire phone when not in use might be better, but unfortunately, they’re not. They are unwieldy and inconvenient to open and close, and they make using your phone annoying, since the part of the case that opens often rests against your face while in use.

With Utomic Edge, the cool design allows your phone to be used and displayed optimally. No dropped calls. No damage or cracks from dropping. And no excessive covering up of your phone. Utomic Edge is the best cell phone case on the market today.

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