Utomic Glass Phone Protection System

March 13, 2016, 10:37 AM

Utomic Glass Phone Protection System

Utomic Glass phone protection system is the latest from the makers of Utomic Edge, the sleek, minimalist cell phone protection system that both guards the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy from shatters and cracks due to drops and keeps from covering its beauty with bulky styling. Utomic Glass adds an extra layer of protection by providing the latest in tempered glass technology to guard your phone screen.

As users of Utomic Edge already know, the unique four-corner protection system is customized to most iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models. It’s barely-there styling belies the protection it provides while also keeping it from interfering with wireless phone signals, which bulky cell phone cases often do. And with the secure 3M adhesive, you can be sure that Utomic Edge stays firmly in place until you decide to remove it. Removal leaves no residue on your phone.

Utomic Edge protects the front, back and sides of your phone, including the screen, from damage due to drops on flat surfaces like concrete or tile. But if you want even more protection for your screen, check out Utomic Glass. Made of high-tech tempered Japanese glass, not only does this screen protector keep cracks and shatters away from your screen (it’s shatter proof), but it also maintains an almost-invisible look. Plus, it’s touch screen sensitive, meaning you don’t have to worry about impaired usage, and it’s oleophobic, meaning it’s smudge proof! Do you need any other reason to pick up Utomic Glass? We didn’t think so.

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