Appreciating Our Utomic Roots

July 26, 2016, 11:17 AM

Utomic Eduge

While it can be thrilling to receive something new and anticipate future possibilities, there is something to be said about looking into the past. Strapping on that Apple Watch for the first time or planning your next vacation can be fun. What can also put a smile on your face is thinking about the first time you received a gift that filled you with delight or reminiscing about your first family vacation.

At Utomic, we are beyond excited to be developing the next generation of products; however, we never forget how we started the business with our first products. It puts a big smile on our face when we think about the first set of corner protectors we created for the iPhone 4. Looking back, they still look great!

Looking back not only can be fun, but can serve as a valuable lesson for the future. The Utomic team makes sure to always remember that this business started through an appreciation for our mobile devices and a desire to fully enjoy them. So as we continue to innovate, we want to make sure we are not doing anything to take away from your mobile devices. We are continuing to add protection and beauty to our products without adding unnecessary bulk or weight. Through this appreciation for our roots, we are making everything purposeful and refined. Stay tuned for some amazing announcements in the world of Utomic through our blog.

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