How to Use Utomic’s 25% OFF Coupon Code

July 27, 2016, 10:45 AM

25% Off Utomic

Utomic, makers of the advanced Utomic Edge Phone Protection System and Utomic Glass screen protector, are now offering 25% off your entire purchase for a limited time, using coupon code UTOMIC25. Protect your phone while showcasing its beauty with Utomic!

Here are the steps to using the UTOMIC25 coupon code:

1. Choose your products: Utomic Edge for iPhone or Utomic Glass for Samsung

2. Choose your phone model: iPhone 6/6S or 6 Plus/6S Plus or Samsung Galaxy S5 or Galaxy S6

3. Choose your Utomic Edge color

4. If you didn’t choose Utomic Glass, you have a chance to add it to your cart from the Utomic Edge product page for 40% off

Utomic5. Click on “Add to Cart” box on bottom right hand of the product page

6. Choose your form of payment: credit card, PayPal, or Amazon

7. On the next page, enter your customer information (if paying by credit card) or sign in (if paying by PayPal or Amazon)

Utomic8.When redirected to your shopping cart, enter your customer information and coupon code.

9. Click “Apply” next to where you entered the coupon code
Utomic10. See your new reduced total

11. Continue to next page to fill out shipping information

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