Put Your Phone Down

August 11, 2016, 07:31 PM

Utomic Edge

For many, mobile phones and tech wearables have become a necessary part of life. We Yelp or Google a destination. We text or call our loved ones to join us. We use GPS to get there. We track every step we take. We shoot photos along the way. Afterwards, we share the whole experience on our social profiles. While it is amazing how mobile technology has revolutionized our day, we can sometimes let it get in the way.

A good example is the notification system in mobile devices. Your day is filled with beeps, vibrations, and bright lights alerting you to constantly look at your mobile device. Have you had a meal with a loved one be interrupted by a buzzing phone? Have you had a conversation stop mid-sentence by a flashing LED light? While these alerts can be very useful, sometimes they can interfere with the moment.

The Utomic team has been challenging itself to place our phones facedown and putting everything on mute during meetings and social gatherings. With Utomic Edge and Utomic Glass, we’re able to place our phones down on the front glass without fear of scratches. Through this social experiment, we have discovered that meetings are more productive and gatherings are more fun. Simply put, we can really focus on the moment without interruption. What’s been surprising is that the world continues without our constant responses to alerts. Imagine that.

Take the challenge and place your phone facedown at your next meeting or dinner. If you don’t already have the Utomic Edge protection system, get a set so your phone is safe from scratches. We hope you experience the same benefits we have from living in the moment.




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