Utomic Edge Protection System vs Otterbox Defender for 6 Plus/6s Plus

July 20, 2016, 10:30 AM

Utomic Edge

A cell phone is an absolutely necessity in today’s busy society. But with the delicate nature of most phones, you also need reliable cell phone protection. A phone needs protection from damage-causing drops, yet also needs to function optimally. We compared two of the most popular cell phone cases on the market today: Utomic Edge protection system, which consists of four corner protectors and an oleophobic touch sensitive screen and Otterbox Defender case. Here’s what we found.

  1. Cost: Utomic Edge: $40 vs Otterbox Defender: $60.
  2. Utomic Edge doesn’t interfere with sound quality vs Otterbox Defender potential for muffled sound quality.
  3. Utomic Edge has normal touch screen sensitivity vs Otterbox Defender’s reduced touch screen sensitivity.
  4. Utomic Edge Glass is smudge- and scratch-proof vs Otterbox Defender’s smudge and scratch potential.
  5. Utomic Edge allows a phone’s beauty to shine through vs Otterbox Defender’s covering up a majority of a phone.
  6. Utomic Edge does not interfere with wireless signal vs Otterbox Defender’s potential for signal interference.
  7. Utomic Edge protection system allows easy use of iHome and other speaker devices without having to take it off.

As you can see, when it comes to cell phone protection, Utomic Edge comes out on top when compared to the competition. It maintains a phone’s beauty while keeping from interfering with its functionality, all at an affordable cost. For 25% off your entire online order and shipping shipping, enter coupon code UTOMIC25 when ordering online at www.utomic.com.
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