1-Year Limited Warranty

Utomic is committed to providing high-quality products. We are confident that we will meet your needs, however, if you have an unexpected issue with your purchased product, Utomic and the associate products and materials come with a limited replacement warranty. The warranty period is one (1) year from the date of purchase. We will replace any defective or damaged Utomic part at no charge. The replacement may not include full, retail packaging and may be limited to the Utomic product or Utomic part that is damaged or defective. Warranty replacements are free of charge. Shipping and handling fees may apply.

To process a replacement go to: utomic.com/pages/warranty-request and submit your request. Once a claim has been filed, our Customer Service department will evaluate the claim and contact you. Utomic has discretion to approve or deny all warranty claims. If the claim is approved, you will be contacted with instructions on how to return your original product for replacement. We will mail your replacement product utilizing our standard shipping method. If a claim is denied, we will contact you and inform you on the reason for the denial.


One year from the date of purchase for Utomic products if purchased at an Utomic approved reseller or the date of delivery if purchased from www.utomic.com. Any replacement of Utomic products and associated parts does not reset the warranty coverage period.

This warranty is void if the product has been subjected to damage due to misuse, negligence, accidental damage, or environmental conditions. The warranty does not apply to improper installation flaws such as but limited to misalignment. Please follow the instructions carefully when installing the Utomic product on your device. The warranty only applies to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) Utomic parts. Aftermarket or other non-OEM parts such as replacement glass voids your warranty. This warranty is non-transferable and covers only the original end purchaser of the applicable product. This warranty is only applicable to product purchased through www.utomic.com or an approved vendor. The warranty does not include charges for lost or damaged shipments. The warranty does not cover damage or destruction to devices or other personal property that are contained inside or outside the Utomic product.

If you have any questions concerning this statement of limited warranty please email us at support@utomic.com or complete the form on our Contact Us page.