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Featured on AppleWorld.Today

“Utomic Edge may look minimalist, but they’re designed in such a way that they’ll protect your phone just as well as most full cases.”

Featured on Cult of Mac

“Utomic Edge borders upon the nonexistent, and that’s why they are better than most other phone cases.”

Featured on AndroidSPIN

“It is easy to start to love them. They are minimal and clean-looking, all while giving you protection.”

Featured on Teachaeris

“Utomic Edge is about as minimalist as you’re going to get, made of a shock absorbing plastic that’s durable and takes the shock from falls like a champ.”

Featured on The Gadgeteer

“When it comes to a minimalistic approach to protecting your smartphone, Utomic Edge takes the cake. These stick-on plastic bits promise all-around protection with as little bulk as possible.”

Featured on AndroidGuys

“Utomic Edge provides the protection your phone needs in one of the most vulnerable places. This design allows the phone to look and feel the way it was intended: no ports covered, no added size, and no covered speakers for better sound.”


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