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made with your phone in mind

Your phone is beautiful. Complement and protect it.

Full Signal

Drop Protection

We’ve taken phone protection to the next level. Toss your phone on the table or drop it on the floor without worry.  Utomic FlexCore™ technology gives you peace of mind.

Full Signal

Unobstructed Signal

Phone cases have been known to interfere with cellular and wireless connections. We know the pain of dropped calls and slow connections, and have kept this in mind throughout the design process. The Utomic Edge protection system maintains signal strengths without compromising protection for your phone.

total access

Total Access

Our sophisticated design allows you easy and full access to all ports, buttons, and cameras on your device. Utomic Edge is also compatible with most docks and fitness bands to fit your lifestyle.

Engineering process

Engineering Process

Edge Pro System

Evaluating the interaction between a device’s unique shape and everyday surroundings revealed that most common day-to-day surfaces are flat, and phone corners are high-risk damage locations. Ultra-small Utomic Edge protection systems are custom-contoured, extend just beyond the device, and provide all-around protection against impacts on flat surfaces.

Dynamic cushioning

Having this system of protectors rather than a one-piece case allows for dynamic cushioning. Each Edge protector redirects impacts and allows motion of the outer layer to dynamically absorb forces.

Complete Protection

We’ve designed the Utomic protection system to elevate your phone from every angle to prevent scratches and damage to the front screen, back, top, bottom, and all sides.

Raised Corners

High-quality materials

The FlexCore outer shell is shatterproof and scuff proof. It becomes an extension of your phone to protect it from damage sustained during drops.

Together with our partners at 3M, we’ve designed an adhesive layer that acts as a spring to absorb and distribute shock energy. The adhesive layer creates a reliable bond, while still allowing you to remove the Utomic Edge protectors without leaving any residue.

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