4 Reasons to NOT use a Phone Case

4 Reasons to NOT use a Phone Case

Whether you have the newest smartphone, or not, complement the technology you love — with the technology WE love. Here are 4 reasons why you should not use a phone case and should try the Utomic Edge.

1. Hides the beauty of your smartphone

Apple users, we’re looking at you here. This is plain and simple. Using a phone case hides the original, beautiful design that Apple has meticulously crafted for you. If you’ve got a brand new, shiny iPhone, why in the world would you want to hide that beautiful design behind a bulky case?


(Gold iPhone 6s Plus with Gold Utomic Edge)


2. You lose total access

Cases are notorious for obstructing your phone signal, blocking accessory ports, and ruining the flash on your camera. I know we have all been there, we are having that one important phone call, and all of a sudden our call drops and we realize that our rugged phone case was the cause. Or how about when we are about to snap that perfect shot, and our flash just butchers the whole photo? (We love when this happens! … said no one ever.)


3. Extra weight and bulk

Does your phone keep getting stuck in your jeans? It'll be a thing of the past when you lose that phone case. Nobody likes adding extra weight in their pockets or bags. What’s the point of Apple designing the sleekest and thinnest phone possible when we are just going to throw a giant case around it?




4. Cases can actually damage your phone

You heard that right. Believe it or not, when a case is used for a prolonged period of time, it can actually create cosmetic damage to your phone. Blemishes on the back of your phone are created because the material of the phone case is directly being rubbed onto your phone. Moisture can also form inside, depending on weather conditions, and can leave permanent marks.

Plain and simple, phone cases are not as great as we make them out to be, and the reason we use them is to protect our valuable prized possession. But what if you could protect your phone AND use it naked? Now you can.


 Most minimal iPhone case


(Enjoy your phone, not the case)


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