What do actual Utomic customers have to say?  

Evalynn loves her Utomic EDGEs because it protects no matter how it lands even though she is "the clumsiest person on the earth". She expects it to chip after every drop, but it stays clean and undamaged.


"I recently ordered some items from Utomic. And I must say, as a first time buyer, I was overwhelmed with the QUALITY one-on-one service I received. I have never received such a pleasant AND PROFESSIONAL experience while shopping “online”. The merchant knew I was having issues placing my order and he took time out of his BUSY schedule, called me personally and WALKED ME THROUGH the entire order process. I have told everyone with an ear about how much this company goes above and beyond to satisfy AND EDUCATE their customers."

-Campbell F.


"My phone looks good. No cracks!"

"Fits easily in my back pocket. I've dropped it numerous times and nothing has happened to it."

"I get my phone back and not have to have it in a bulky case. I've dropped my phone plenty of times and it is so good."