Get Organized and Start Your Business While Moving

Get Organized and Start Your Business While Moving

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By Virginia Cooper


Are you moving soon and have been putting off starting your business because you're too busy? Don't worry, you can get organized and start your business while moving. There are a few things you need to do to make sure the move doesn't interfere with your business goals. By getting organized and planning ahead, you can minimize the stress of moving and still achieve your business goals. If you’re a business owner thinking about setting up shop in a new area, similar to the way Utomic moved to Haverhill, MA, follow these tips and you'll be on your way to starting your own successful business. 

Moving Your Home for Your Business

Moving your home to make space for your business is a good option if you want to keep overhead costs low. To purchase a home, you will need to have a low debt-to-income ratio. You should also be prepared to search for a residential and commercial property that fits your needs. It may take time to find the right home.

Once you do find a home, moving is the next step. You can hire a full-service moving company, work with a container shipping company, or move by yourself. Regardless of the moving option you choose, remember that you will also need to move your business's products and paperwork simultaneously.

Buying Isn't Always Better

Remember that you're not just moving your home — you're also moving your business. The money you spend will affect you personally and professionally. So consider continuing to rent rather than buying. That way, you'll be able to put more money into your business rather than tying up capital into a mortgage. 

Review online listings to find rental properties within your price range. Filter your search by price, home type, and other criteria to find a property that meets your needs.

Staying Organized During Your Move

Starting a business while you move requires detailed organization. One idea is to keep your professional documents separate by creating a DBA. Another is working with a business attorney to keep your legal documents organized. 

Create a DBA Name for Your Company

One way to keep yourself organized during your move while also starting a business is by keeping your personal name separate from your business name. Creating a "doing business as" or DBA name for your business makes it easier to grow your business and branch out into new services.

A DBA name is also helpful because if the domain name you want for your business isn't available, you can choose a different one and continue using your DBA behind the scenes. 

Get to Know a Business Attorney

Even for a home-based business, it's helpful to have a business attorney on your side. They'll walk you through all the steps necessary to validate your home-based business. Then, it will be ready to run as soon as you move into your new apartment or home. 

Plan Ahead for Marketing

Finally, make sure you have a marketing plan. That way, you'll be able to market to people in your new area as soon as you arrive. Digital marketing is especially useful for targeting your audience.

It's Possible to Start a Successful Business While Moving

Renting before you buy will help you get to know the community as you build your business. Stay connected as you market and grow your business with products from Utomic