Introducing the SNAP Case: A Triple Threat

Introducing the SNAP Case: A Triple Threat

We, at Utomic, are not a big-box retailer, nor one of those large, faceless corporations. We are a company comprised of individuals who value quality and commitment. We are ambitious, intuitive, and responsive. Those who purchase with us know that we’re all about minimalism, simplicity, slim-case alternatives, and unmatched ingenuity. We continue to innovate within the mobile accessories industry and strive to pave the way to the forefront of that industry with products that do not currently exist, but that we believe lend a hand in shaping technological trends and advancement.

While our flagship product may be EDGEs, the Utomic name is much more than that. We’d like to think that Utomic’s perceived brand equity revolves around a commitment to our customers and supplying the demand; we want our customers to know that when they speak, we listen. Utomic thrives off customer satisfaction and consumer input. This symbiotic relationship has spurned what we’d like to think is one of our best ideas yet.


(The original and best 4-corner protection system: Utomic EDGE)


First there were EDGEs, a unique way to protect your phone, giving it unparalleled drop protection without covering up its sleek design. And on the second day, the tech Gods said “Let there be scratch protection,” and there was: introducing the Utomic SNAP Case, a product that functions as an add-on and a foundation for endless accessory combinations and permutations. Confused? Don’t be. The SNAP Case is anything but.


Our EDGE protectors work phenomenally on those days when you feel like your life is the black and white half of an infomercial (you know the part where the individual just can’t seem to cut a straight line with scissors) and you fumble through your day with butterfingers—dropping your phone like a maniac. With the SNAP Case, you don’t have to worry about being a space case. True drop protection is a must for our customers, but we realize their needs extend beyond just that.


Drops happen, but so do scratches. The SNAP Case is the missing piece of the puzzle, and snaps in place much like a puzzle piece. Designed specifically to work in conjunction with EDGEs and so Utomic customers can have both drop and scratch protection, this duo gives you the best of both worlds.

(SNAP case comes in: Storm Gray, Cloud White, and Carbon Black)


The best part about the SNAP Case is that we’ve engineered it so that users can easily snap it on and off based on their lifestyle needs, level of protection desired, as well as when they want to utilize other Utomic add-ons. Let’s play devil’s advocate here and run through a few scenarios…

You’re going hiking with your brand new iPhone X and want to test out your phone’s sweet top-of-the-line camera. You have your EDGEs on, but you want to put your phone inside your backpack, along with all the other stuff in there. The heck you won’t—that’s a no bueno. You could barely afford that phone, and you certainly can’t afford scratches. Snap the SNAP Case on for full coverage from scratches and go about your hike with complete peace of mind. Drop your phone in the brambles? No need to worry; the SNAP Case leaves your phone unscathed (just make sure you have a tempered glass screen protector! Don’t have one? Step into our office.)


(Pictured above: SNAP case with our WALLET and RING as add-ons)


You’re in your car and need to use your phone for GPS, because I know you’re not texting and driving. You would never do that, right? Fortunately, you have your Utomic Multi-surface MOUNT so that you can follow directions hands-free. Snap the metal plate in place under the SNAP Case (metal plate comes with all MOUNTs), snap your phone onto the MOUNT, and arrive safely at your destination. Return home, and snap the case off.

You’re at the office and your current phone skin is a picture of that sexy new model. Snap the SNAP Case on, and maybe attach a Utomic RING for when you get bored and want to watch YouTube videos in your cubicle. Then snap the Utomic WALLET onto the SNAP Case for when you go to that café down the street for lunch. Snap the WALLET off and the RING back on for when you get back so you can eat your lunch and watch more cat videos (duh). You can even feel free to get creative by attaching decorative stickers to the SNAP Case so that you don’t have to ruin your phone with them. Take the case off to reveal a beautifully clean iPhone protected with EDGEs.


(Utomic accessories are the perfect add-on for your SNAP case.)


These are just several of the scenarios in which you can enjoy the ease of taking the SNAP Case on and off, in addition to pairing it with other Utomic accessories. The ability to snap on and off based on your wants and needs allows for a whole new experience of protection that caters to your lifestyle and the varying events of your day-to-day. You choose when you want to express yourself with our most functional and versatile case yet (and perhaps, on the market). 

The possibilities are literally endless as we continue to unveil new products that can be used conjunctively with the SNAP Case. With scratch protection when you want it, drop protection because you need it, and the ability to easily attach other add-ons to your phone, this triple threat may just be our most revolutionary idea yet...