Marco Polo iPhone

Marco Polo iPhone

Do you play “Marco Polo” with your iPhone? You know when you wake up in the morning and your iPhone has mysteriously walked off your nightstand and crawled under your bed - or when it has become lost in the black hole called your desk.


Well here is a little trick for you….


With every Utomic® RING, you will receive a hanger/hook that you can easily apply to the wall next to your bed. This way you can hang your iPhone within reaching distance. Then when your alarm goes off or you receive one of those annoying late night calls you will know right where it is. 


If you want a removable and adjustable way to display your iPhone, there’s the Utomic® MOUNT Multi-Surface.  The MOUNT can be suctioned locked on any smooth surface and is compatible with your RING.  Place it in your bathroom while you get ready in the morning or mount it in the kitchen while you cook. 


Bonus: Add a 3M® wall adhesive hook wherever you need access to your iPhone, such as next to your desk for work calls or in the kitchen while listening to your favorite songs.


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