The Most Minimal and Protective iPhone Case — Utomic EDGE

The Most Minimal and Protective iPhone Case — Utomic EDGE

What is the Utomic EDGE?

We’ve designed the Utomic EDGE Protection System to elevate your phone from every angle to help prevent damage to the front screen, back, top, and bottom. Enjoy your phone naked and also have true drop protection. It’s the best of both worlds. 

Why Choose the Utomic EDGE?

With all of the emerging technologies today, we are fortunate to have plenty of phone case options out there. If you are a person who often takes your phone to a more rugged terrain, perhaps a bulky and heavy case is the right option for you. If you are a person who enjoys the look and feel of their naked phone, the Utomic Edge will provide the option for those who prefer to have no case at all. We provide real drop protection so people can more confidently enjoy their phones without covering it up in a thick case.

The choice should not just be a case or nothing at all. We give people that third option to enjoy your phone naked, while having protection for most of life's situations.



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