Why Choose EDGE?

Why Choose EDGE?

Fortunately today, we live in a world with many different options we can choose from. Whether it is choosing what kind of car we want, or simply what kind of case we want to put onto our phones. With the overabundant forms of communication we have today, through many different platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc), our smartphone device remains at the helm of this madness.

In today’s society, we are constantly using our phones throughout the day, whether we are making important business calls, sending out emails, or just checking up on family. So if we were to ask when the last time you used your phone, most likely, it would be ranging between the minute timeframe.

We often forget what the brand of our phone case is, simply because, it just isn’t as important as the phone itself. It is merely there to serve its purpose and to protect the phone from accidental drops and breakage. What we don’t realize is that when this starts to happen, we are no longer truly experiencing our beautifully designed device, but instead - the unimportant phone case.

We have been so accustomed to purchasing any traditional phone case just to protect our device rather than fully enjoy the design of the phone itself. Our society has a fear of breaking their phone screens, whether it’s from personal experience or hearing from others. In a survey done by Digital Trends in 2015, 30% of smartphone users in the United States currently have a cracked phone screen. For all the people that have experienced a cracked phone screen, it definitely takes away from the overall experience and joy you receive when using your phone.

Now when we are making those important business calls, or sending out those very important emails on our phone, we are sacrificing part of that moment with our smartphone by using a very unimportant phone case.

If you look further ahead in your life, you probably will be making many more important phone calls and text messages. Now, instead of experiencing a somewhat-decent phone case, we have a solution for you — the Utomic EDGE. With EDGE, you’ll be able to use your phone completely case-free and still have the same (perhaps better) drop protection as a regular full case.

Thanks to over 6 years of engineering and design, our co-founders who were all former engineers, created the Utomic EDGE so people can truly enjoy the design and feel of their phone, without sacrificing drop protection. Learn more about the Science of EDGE - HERE.

The Utomic EDGE are 4 independent corner protectors that are beautifully contoured to the shape of your device. Available in multiple colors, it complements your device all in an almost-invisible experience. 

We have been building Utomic to be the premium-quality phone protection that everyone deserves. Using the Utomic EDGE, you will feel a sense of security knowing your device is protected, along with a high sense of class, as you are completely showing off your beautiful smartphone.

This is the phone protection you deserve for your important calls, texts, and everyday tasks. It’s a unique and great feeling being able to fully enjoy your device, instead of covering it up behind a case, and enjoying the phone case. Many of our customers begin to hold their phone more often because of its very gorgeous aesthetics that they never truly enjoyed in the past. All of this comes without sacrificing significant drop protection, thanks to our EDGE protectors.

You will be able to experience everything you do on your phone differently when you get to enjoy the device itself. What exactly do you use your phone? And how often are they important moments? Comment below!