Why is the Utomic Edge the Future of iPhone Protection?

Why is the Utomic Edge the Future of iPhone Protection?


Goodbye bulky phone case, hello Utomic.


Ever since brands such as Apple started introducing the iPods, people have been protecting and covering up their devices inside cases. By the time Apple introduced the iPhone 4 around 2010, phone cases became the societal norm. People wanted to protect their beautiful, fragile, and very expensive smartphones, and the only they knew how was by using bulky phone cases. 

We have become conditioned to unbox our brand new, shiny iPhone and then sticking it directly within a case, but why is that? Well for most people, it is because they are fearful of damaging their smartphone, after spending their hard-earned dollars on it. After all, brand new iPhones aren’t exactly the cheapest. The brand new (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7, unlocked, starts at a costly $749. So it’s safe to assume that people want to protect their investment and by doing that, they choose to purchase a bulky phone case that (pretty much) ruins the whole design of the phone.

Well, what if you could experience that same feeling you get when you unbox your brand new iPhone, every single time? With the Utomic Edge, now you can. Utomic has spent many years engineering the world’s most minimal and protective iPhone corner protectors. You may be wondering, what exactly does that mean? Basically, you will be able to enjoy the beauty and design of your iPhone by using it completely case-free AND with real drop-protection.


As pictured above, the Utomic Edge Protectors are able to protect your device from all sorts of drops on flat surfaces, which thankfully, most of the world is made out of. Unlike super thin cases that offer little-to-no drop protection, Utomic is leading the pack of true minimalism for iPhone protection. 

The way the Utomic Edge works is that it was designed to elevate your phone from every angle to help prevent damage to the front screen, back, top, and bottom. No matter what angle it falls or lands on, as long as it is on a flat surface, the Utomic Edge should protect your device. The Edge Protectors are made out of FlexCore, our advanced-resin composite, that is nearly indestructible and to simply state, can take a serious beating.

(Watch our hammer video here, where we continuously slam the Edge Protectors over and over again to showcase its extreme durability and resilience.)

The Utomic Edge also allows a complete unobstructed signal to your device, whereas most other phone cases can block your phone’s antenna. Ever have a suddenly dropped call in the middle of a very important conversation? Well, most likely it’s due to that bulky case. With the Utomic Edge, your signal strength will remain at optimal levels and won’t be affected.

Another benefit of the Utomic Edge is that it allows full access to all ports and buttons on your device. We’ve all been there, where we have had to remove our phone case to plug in that auxiliary cord while riding in a car with friends to play some music. It’s a pain. It sucks, and it gets tiring - real fast. Let alone, you are forced to put that case back on after your turn of playing music with the auxiliary cord. It’s all just a pain of a process. With the Utomic Edge, you will maintain full access to all ports and buttons thanks to our sophisticated design that only covers what is necessary.

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