The Utomic Team

The Utomic Team

At Utomic, we are on a mission to design and provide premium-quality products that simplify the way you live your life. Within this constant pursuit, we are aiming to disrupt the mobile phone accessories industry with our unique and purposeful products. Our goal is to provide our customers with what they need to better suit their everyday lives; whether it is the Utomic EDGE for true drop-protection, or the Utomic CONNECT, for dual-device charging capabilities.

As we continue aiming to disrupt the mobile phone accessories industry, we are simultaneously aiming to disrupt the workforce industry as well. Thanks to the forever-growing technology industry, our society has propelled itself into advancements and flexibility like we have never seen before.

This applies to the workforce industry in ways that would not have been imaginable decades ago. Today, it is possible to work from various locations outside of the standard office-type setting that we all have grown accustomed to. This makes situations easier for those who would be usually unable to make it into the office due to life-situations, developmental disabilities, physical constraints, and more.



We believe in creating a happy work/life balance for our employees, and that is why we are pushing to break the standardized normalcy of the 9-5 model. We structure our company where our employees are able to flex in-and-out depending on their personal life schedules.

As we have seen non-profit organizations such as Partnership with Industries (PWI) empower their clients with disabilities, we also choose to empower our employees so they can live a well-balanced life. For example, if one of our employees is a single-parent and has to be with their young child, that is a situation we would be more than happy to accommodate.



Allowing our employees to flex in-and-out provides many benefits for both the employee and the business overall. For our business, we are able to acquire more talent that would be regularly unavailable, as we have many employees across the United States.

Being headquartered in San Diego virtually serves no limitations, as we are able to accommodate different time zones for our employees with our flexible hours. We also see an overall higher productivity rate as our employees are happier because of their work/life balance, which is one of the largest benefits of our flex-in schedules. 

Our team which is made up of engineers, designers, IT specialist, customer support representatives, assemblers, fulfillment specialist and more are encouraged to practice a work/life balance. Many of our employees have situations as written above, but we continue to empower our staff to focus on what’s important in their lives and to work accordingly.  

(Utomic team)

We hope to continue positively disrupting not only the consumer mobile phone accessories industry but also the workforce industry in these manners. What are your thoughts on the standardized 9-5 workday and flex in hours? Leave your comments below.



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