The Origin Of Our Name: Utomic

The Origin Of Our Name: Utomic

We often get asked by people how our company name was created and where it came from. To simply answer, the name Utomic comes from combining the words ‘unique + atom’. Although, the reasoning behind why we chose these two words go a bit deeper.

Utomic is a company that very much focuses on the simplicity and functionality of the products we design and create.  We strip away the frivolous and unnecessary until what is left is what is truly needed. An atom is the smallest and simplest form of matter that retains its unique properties. We are the atom of the mobile industry. 


At Utomic, if we see a problem or a need, we always break it down to the simplest and purest form possible. We combine this outlook with our unique core values and design principles of being limitless, purposeful, and refined.

Staying true to our limitless values, when we look to solve a problem, we’ll look at materials in as many different industries as possible to find the best solution. For example, our FlexCore technology is a design that we created that is comprised of an advanced resin that originates from the Biomedical industry. As a company, we are not afraid to explore different options, as long as we can find the best fitting solution. The process we go through when designing new products involves thinking outside of the box, and which is why we have 4 corners to protect a mobile device, instead of just a full case.

(early EDGE protector material options)

We remain purposeful by always looking for the intent behind why we choose to do something. For example, if we choose to use materials from the Biomedical industry, we want to test these materials and make sure they are the absolute best fit for our products. Our goal is to create products that will add value to the overall design and functionality, and will also serve its purpose for our customers.


Next, staying refined is a very important core value for our company that often faces many challenges. We want to always bring in design elements that are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, but it has to serve a functional purpose at the same time. For example, the Utomic EDGE is a beautifully contoured piece with rounded edges. The reasoning as to why the EDGES are rounded is because we want to complement your device, rather than take away from its overall design and appearance.  At the same time, the curves also help to redirect energy during impacts and decrease pressure points. Refinement in our company is a never-ending process as we are always aiming to continuously grow.


(Early CAD of EDGE protectors)

Throughout this process, we plan to always uphold the simplicity and uniqueness of our products, all with the goal of creating delightful moments for you through mobile accessories. 


We'd love to hear what you think about why we chose our name. Leave your comments below.


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