Why Your (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7/7 Plus Does NOT Need a Phone Case.

Why Your (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7/7 Plus Does NOT Need a Phone Case.

Spoiler: It’s not just because of its beautiful red finish and design.


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Over a decade ago, Apple partnered with (RED) in a global effort to bring the world closer to an AIDS-free generation. Together, they have released numerous (PRODUCT)RED products ranging from the iPod nano in 2006, all the way to today, with the iPhone 7/7 Plus devices. In a valiant effort between Apple and (RED), they have raised a combined $130 million (just between the two) that contributes directly to the (RED) Global Fund.

So either you are aware of this noble cause and want to directly play a role, or perhaps you just might be a fan of the beautiful red color, but regardless, you are now a proud owner of the newest iPhone 7/7 Plus in its vibrant, aluminum red finish. Now what? You may already have been thinking that this device is too gorgeous to toss within a phone case. You are now weighing your options left and right of whether or not it is worth it to go case-less because of that hard-earned money you have spent on it.



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Instead of covering up your shiny new (RED) iPhone 7 within a case, there is a solution - Utomic. At Utomic, we are a company with a mission that extends far beyond traditional goals and expectations. We give back to the community in any way we are capable of, and one of those ways is by hiring adults with disabilities, thanks to our local partners in San Diego, California, PWI (Partnerships With Industry). PWI made it possible for our corner bumper case startup to get off the ground and start running, thanks to their wonderful team that assisted in our production. We aim to continuously support them because of all their support they have given us with packaging the Utomic Edge when we first started out as Bumpies!

Because of the support from PWI, we have been able to continually grow our 4 corner case company to where we are today as a premium-quality mobile accessories brand. So now going back to the Red iPhone7/7 Plus, we think pairing your new and shiny Red iPhone with either the Black Utomic Edge or Silver Utomic Edge would look great. Although, we would love to see it in the other colors as well!


 Image courtesy of Utomic


In support of doing more like companies such as Apple with (PRODUCT)RED, and Non-Profits like PWI, we would like to extend a special promo code for 25% off to you all. Every product you buy from us is supporting more than just profits, it’s supporting a deeper cause and mission to help others. #FreeYourPhone from bulky phone cases and experience a phone case that is better than thin - Utomic.

What color Edges would you rock with your Red iPhone 7/7 Plus? Or what color are you currently rocking? Tell us in the comments below! 



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